is one of the Bodymind Integration Methods developed by Jack W. Painter, PhD. There are three of those: Postural Integration®, Energetic Integration® and later Pelvic-Heart Integration®. Dr. Painter founded The International Council of PsychoCorporal (Bodymind) Integration Trainers (ICPIT) in 1988 to preserve and teach these methods worldwide. See

Energetic Integration®

Energetic Integration® is an innovative development of Reichian work, developed by Jack Painter, Ph.D., rooted in Wilhelm Reich's pioneering work as well as in modern therapeutic methods such as Gestalt process work, Trauma Theories, Psychosomatics and Energywork. They use a wide range of integrated mind and body- oriented approaches including body-sensing, breath work and cycles of charge and discharge, expressive movement, gestalt enactment, bodymind typologies and character analytic processes.

Triangle4Energetic Integration® is a form of working psychotherapeutically with the body to re-establish the free flow of energy. Energetic Integration® works with the freeing of the muscular armouring and the mental and emotional processes. Working with the breath and how it reveals the character defenses enables the person to become conscious of their energy flow and its blockages, interruptions and leakages. These tend to be directly linked to old anger, pain and sadness held in out-dated reaction patterns and hidden memories put out of conscious awareness long ago. When these early experiences are integrated, the client can develop healthier and more appropriate ways of being and doing. An important aspect of Energetic Integration® is working with the breathwork cycle known as the Energetic Cycle, a concept developed by Jack Painter. Helping to complete it facilitates the regulation of the energy flow, and a wave of freed energy creates new consciousness in the bodymind.

In Energetic Integration® a double focus on the individual and on the interpersonal energetic processes is established. Energetic Integration® helps individuals become aware of themselves in their body and to empower them to change themselves – their bodies, feelings and thoughts. Next to Postural Integration® the primary method, developed by Jack W. Painter, it is a powerful tool for enabling clients to increase their sense of well-being, their capacity to feel, their ability to express, their self-awareness and consciousness. Read also the article written by the founder of EI, Dr. Jack Painter. Or also an elaborate description of the Energetic Cycle and its blockages


Energetic Integration® (EI), is the integrating of the energy streams and “manifestations of energy” throughout the bodymind. Everything is energy.… Through this integration, you’ll be as a person more in touch with your original zest and vitality and the ability to turn it into a meaningful personal and shared life with others and environment. To the extent that your energy can flow freely throughout your body, your breath will be full and relaxed, your muscles will be in a healthy tone and your cells will pulsate and vibrate freely. The therapy is mainly working on the release of the contraction and armoring of the body, but also the emotions and mental processes of you as a client associated with it. However it is more than mere “freeing” only. Working with cognitive processes in a psychotherapeutic context is of utmost importance to embed these changes in your “I”-structure (ego) and your personality. Energetic Integration focuses specifically on breathing patterns and at the emotional level with the patterns of suppressing and withholding feelings. These phenomena have a strong impact on your energy; energy that everyone needs in daily life. On the basis thereof are also many unclaimed and unresolved feelings of old anger, pain, sadness, fear, in other words ingrained response patterns and repressed memories. Getting in touch with your feelings and emotions lead you to making conscious choices and decisions. Letting go of “the old” usually involves some fear and resistance, but the leap to “the new” more healthy and fulfilling lifestyles take the upper hand in the personal evolution, otherwise you would not start a therapy. An important part of Energetic Integration is the use of the model of the "energetic cycle”, a respiratory therapeutic tool developed by Jack Painter, Ph.D.. During subsequent steps described in this detailed map, you as a client are helped to assume more natural character styles or ways of being. You will learn to move out of fragmentation into a sense of "grounding" and cohesion; out of "orally" needy into positive receptivity; out of acting like an inflated and arrogant frog into more authenticity, outgoingness and exploration; out of your burdened and oppressed feelings into the experience of new inner freedom; out of rigid and stiff acting and thinking into the enjoyment of more healthy and pleasant excitement, curiosity and passion. Even ecstatic and orgasmic feelings can get a place in the spectrum of options, from interest in intimate relationships and places where intense joy and elation are in place. Ultimately, the question "Why not?": It could be if it feels and it's always part of your "original face". Energetic Integration Therapy is an integrated approach in which numerous paths can be explored inspired by the proven pioneer approaches Reichian breath work, Bio-Energetics, Character Analysis, Gestalt, Psychodrama and Systemic work ("Body Mind Drama"). She is in her practice a coherent, integrated way of working, complementary to Postural Integration® and Pelvic-Heart Integration® sister methods of EI. People who have done Energetic Integration therapy have much more energy after the treatment, think more clearly and live more from their core. They feel more connected to their naturalness and with nature in general. They are more "integrated" and "coherent" physically, emotionally, mentally, sexually and spiritually. The therapy can be done individually or in groups. More info about this work can also be found on